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Magnetic Shape Memory Alloy MSMA Magnetostrcitive Material Ni50-Mn28-Ga22

Place of Origin China
Brand Name XUNSHI
Certification ISO
Model Number Ni50-Mn28-Ga22
Minimum Order Quantity 10pcs
Price USD 1200
Packaging Details Carton
Delivery Time 15 days
Payment Terms T/T
Supply Ability 100g per month
Product Details
Material Ni50-Mn28-Ga22 Magnetostriction Up To 6%
Product Forms Plate, Bar, Rod Application Magnetostrictive Transducer Element
High Light

Ni50-Mn28-Ga22 Magnetostrcitive Material


MSMA Magnetostrcitive Material


Magnetic Shape Magnetostrcitive Material

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Product Description

Magnetic Shape Memory Alloy MSMA Magnetostrcitive Material

Magnetic Shape Memory Alloy Ni50-Mn28-Ga22 MSMA Magnetostrcitive Material


The Magnetic Shape Memory (MSM) in a Ni-Mn-Ga alloy was discovered in 1996 at MIT by Dr. Kari Ullakko and co-workers. The first MSMA alloy showed a strain of 0.2%. Since then, huge improvements have been achieved in the production process of MSM alloys as well as in the post-production treatments and training


The Magnetic Shape Memory Alloy(MSMA) is a new type of functional material that the heat-induced Martenitic phase transition occurs only under the temperature field, and also is stress-induced and magnetic-induced ones. The main component of the Magnetic Shape Memory Alloy (MSMA) is Ni-Mn-Ga, and the linear deformation rate reaches 10% at room temperature.

MSMA has great strain and high impetus and fast response speed and high efficiency. It is expected to become the preferred driving material in intelligent material systems.


Characteristics of the Magnetic Shape Memory Alloy for commercial use

Typical strain up to 6%

Blocking stress up to 3.5 MPa

Magnetic Õeld for maximum strain of about 500 kA/m

Full strain up to about 2 MPa load

Work output per unit volume of about 150 kJ/m³

Energetic eÞciency up to 90%

Reaction times of about 1 ms (in MSM actuators)

Hysteresis between stress or magnetic Õeld and strain (material damping)

Internal friction

Magnetic and thermal activation are both possible

Operating temperatures: -40 °C to 60 °C

Change in magnetic permeability and electric resistivity during deformation

As the professional magnetostrictive materials suppliers in China, we can provide high performance NiMnGa single crystal materials with specifications of multiple sizes to domestic and foreign customers, the minimum size is 0.5mm,the maximum size is 30mm.

General dimensions




The minimum order quantity is 10pces.

Electrical Properties

Electrical resistivity ( µOhm/cm ) 70

Temperature coefficient ( K-1 ) 0.003

Magnetic Properties
Coercivity (Hc) ( A m-1 ) 4000
Curie temperature ( C ) 95 - 105
Initial permeability 2
Maximum permeability 90
Remanence from saturation (Brem) ( T ) 0.02
Saturation flux density ( T ) 0.6

Mechanical Properties
Hardness - Vickers ( kgf mm-2 ) 130
Modulus of elasticity ( GPa ) 8 - 20

Physical Properties
Density ( g cm-3 ) 8
Melting point ( C ) 1130

Thermal Properties
Crystallization temperature ( C ) 1090
Maximum use temperature in air ( C ) 45
Temperature - Austenitic ( C ) 50
Temperature - Martensitic ( C ) 45


Magnetic Shape Memory Alloy MSMA Magnetostrcitive Material Ni50-Mn28-Ga22 0Magnetic Shape Memory Alloy MSMA Magnetostrcitive Material Ni50-Mn28-Ga22 1Magnetic Shape Memory Alloy MSMA Magnetostrcitive Material Ni50-Mn28-Ga22 2