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Crispy Improved Magnetostrictive Material Terfenol-D

Place of Origin China
Brand Name XUNSHI
Certification ISO9001
Model Number Terfenol-D
Minimum Order Quantity 50kg
Price Negotiable
Packaging Details Sealed containers under argon gas
Delivery Time 2weeks
Payment Terms T/T
Supply Ability 1kg per week
Product Details
Density 9.2~9.3g/cm3 Melting Point 1240°C
Curie Point 380°C Resistivity 6x10-8 Ω·m
Material Magnetostrictive Material Certification ISO9001
Grade Terfenol-D
High Light

Crispy Improved Terfenol-D


Magnetostrictive Material Terfenol-D


Crispy Improved Magnetostrictive Material

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Product Description

Crispy improved large Magnetostrictive Material Terbium dysprosium ferroalloy Terfenol-D


Super magnetostrictive material (GMM) is an intelligent material that integrates ring energy, actuation, sensing and other functions, It can be used to make audio transducers, water acoustic transducers, ultrasonic transducers, vibrators, precise displacement actuators, and sensors, GMM can be used to make new type audio, ultra-precision machine tool feed system, robot arm mechanism, precision valves, precision pumps, high-power aquatic sonar transmitters, and active shock and noise reduction system, etc Its advantages are high power, high displacement, high efficiency, wide frequency band, high precision, fast response speed and high reliability.

Traditional terbium dysprosium ferroalloy Terfenol-D limits its scope of application due to its brittle material and poor mechanical properties. After years of experimental exploration, we successfully solve the brittle problem of traditional GMM, and improve the processing performance while ensuring its magnetoscalability performance, so that we can process the material through traditional processing means.



Magnetostrictive coefficient: It is 50 times larger than Ni and 5 ~ 25 times larger than piezoelectric ceramics (PZT)

Large strain thrust: Terbium dysprosium ferroalloy rods of 10mm in diameter produce a thrust of about 200 kg

Electromechanical coupling coefficient :70%, Nickel-based alloy: 16%, PZT Material 40~60%

Fast response time: About a million of a second, faster than people think

Elastic modulus: can vary with the magnetic field, can be regulated

Good stability and high reliability



Classification Applications
Transducer Marine Acoustic Tomography sound sources, sonar sound sources, underwater speakers, tornado alarms, dust-free chamber speakers, underground exploration sound sources, bone vibration hearing aids, board speakers
Actuator / Locator Active suppression, Fuel Jet Valve, Micro Pump, Auto Disc Brakes, Micro Fine Vibration Control, Camcam Non-Round Steering, Operator, Locator Drive, Fay Test sters, Rockets Latch, Fiber Phase Adjustment, Automatic Focus, Laser Mirror Drive, Space Telescope Positioning, Precision Drilling
Sensors Pressure, electric booster bike, acoustic receiver, acceleration, pressure forming load, torque, impact force, magnetic marking (powder)
Micro manipulation Wire clips of semiconductor manufacturing equipment for microinjection in biochemical studies
Inverse magnetostrictive power generation Expected application: Vibration, tread pressure, wave force, resonance vibration power generation
Ultrasonic vibration / acoustic chemical Cleaning, tooth cleaning machine, ultrasonic metal welding, mixing in liquid supply tubes, antifoaming of carbonated drinks, preparation of frozen food, desulphurization (old tyres recycling)


Product manufacturing process:

Raw material-- vacuum melting-- vacuum pouring -- vacuum directional solidification --heat --treatment --cutting --detection -- packaging ---out stock.


The materials we supply are mainly round rods in diameter 10-80mm),and the length can be made according to customer requirements. We can cut and process the materials , we also can provide square bars, squares and other products of different shapes and sizes to meet the different needs of different customers. In addition, we could provide customers with slot, stacking and other processing.

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